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Strain Review: Graza by Powerline

Next up on the chopping block we have GRAZA from the team at @powerlineco_ Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Powerline Terpene Profile: Unknown

Graza Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The Nose as soon as you crack the bag is clearly Lemon Cherry but on steroids. You get that chalky sweet berry pixie stick aroma only doused in astrimgent gas. When breaking this down in the grinder these notes get substantially louder but no new aromas come out on the grind just that sweet candied gas. Dumping out the bag you’ll find loosely structured medium size buds with nice purple and faint green coloring hidden under a heavy layer of frost. The taste on this one didn’t transfer as much as I was thinking it would. The strong gas came through but not much of the candy sweetness. For as prevalent as that sugary nose was I was hoping for a bit more in that department. The effects settled in nice & heavy behind my eyes giving a little extra weight to my limbs without being sedative, while also bringing a nice little euphoric lift to my mood. Perfect for unwinding after work or chilling out on a Sunday. I really enjoyed the buzz on this one. Overall I enjoyed this sample, albeit mainly for the effect. It rolled easyr and burned well, and other than the taste transfer I mentioned my only other critique is that it was a bit harsh, not excessively mind you,, but its there nonetheless so I noted it. So if you come across this near you, at a number your comfortable with I’d recommend giving it a try, see how you feel about the @powerlineco_ GRAZA #chaunceyapprovedflower #cannabisismedicine graza by powerline strain review by chauncey_thecannaseur
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