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Hash Review: Lemon OG 73u Bubble Hash by Moxie

Moxie Lemon OG 73u Bubble Hash Processor: Moxie

Moxie Lemon OG Bubble Hash Review

Actual product weight: .51G (assuming every carb cap jar weighs the same) Consistency: 73u Bubble Hash Nose: very subtle, sweet lemon rind not much OG on the nose at all Taste: Taste is lemon forward in the inhale and the exhale is a balanced mix of earthy OG fuel and lemon citrus that lingers on the palette Effects: Nice mental sedation with full body relaxation, but not heavy handed or couch locked at all, just a nice, calm, relaxed high all around
Negatives: Honestly the price point is high $65 a .5g is not for the quesy. I understand that solventless yields less and is far more time consuming to make and make well but 65ea is still a bit high for most patients to reasonably afford. That being said my other negative is that while listed as full melt I’d say this would be more of a 5* melt rating.
lemon og 73u bubble hash by moxie hash review by chauncey_thecannaseur I consumed this hash a few different ways to get the best overall impression. I was a bit disappointed that it didnt really finger press as well as youd expect. When finger pressing in parchment in would kinda stick together in a brittle sheet of heads but never did it actually melt together like youd expect with full melt hash. Even at 1:40 cool down time dabbing at 450° it still didnt fully melt and left particulate residue in my banger. (See attached pics). This being said I did thoroughly enjoy the high and the taste especially rolled in a joint, honestly my only issue is the melt quality at the price point. I believe they are turning the 90u from this wash into rosin which I’ll be keeping my eye out for. I do have to give @moxie_pa credit for being the first to the table with a solventless option, and I understand things will improve as time goes on. This is just my honest opinion on this round of hash. But by all means scoop some for yourself and give it a try. Stay medicated ✌ #chaunceyvscancer #badlandzbuddlifferz #TwaxFam #allwhiteashes #phillystoners #cannabiscommunity #phillydabbers #pammj #restoreiwc #moxiepa
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