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Strain Review: Sour Grape by Moxie

@moxie_pa Sour Grape Review 8th Actual product weight: 3.87 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Moxie Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sour Grape Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sour grape by moxie pa strain review by chauncey_thecannaseur BUD STRUCTURE: Similar to the green pheno of GDP…tight but not overly dense, pale green buds, absolutely caked in trichomes NOSE: The aroma that hits you when you crack the jar is exactly as the name sounds, straight grape candy with a nice subtle sourness underneath the initial sweet grape scent TASTE: the nose translates very well to the flavor, on the inhale it starts off as a nice Sour D tatse that is soon overpowered by the grapey GDP profile EFFECTS: While listed as a hybrid this cultivar definitely leans more to the indica side giving great body relaxing effects but coupled with a nice euphoric mental boost NEGATIVES: The only negative I can list here is that the bud was overly dry (as is most PA flower lately) but going through some comment threads it sounds like they have pinpointed the issue and made changes to the drying process for their next round of flower. Aside from it being crispy I really liked this cultivar. Sour Grape worked exceptionally well for the pain in my neck from muscle spasms & pinched nerves and also on the residual bone pain from my treatments. Tasted great, smooth thick smoke, and burned almost all white (a few peppered spots)I deducted a point due to the dryness of the flower but this is absolutely a strain I recommend picking up. Stay medicated ✌ #chaunceyapprovedflower #badlandzbuddlifferz #pammj #mindyourowncannabiz #TwaxFam #KnoeSomeoneThatKnoeSomeone #keystonedcollective #headstashonly #allwhiteashes #wuapsquad #phillymedicalcannabis #philly #phillydabbers #phillystoners #poessandwichjoint
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