Vape Review: The Moxie Dart

I got myself a Dart from Moxie. @moxiedart

Brand: Moxie

Dispensary: 420 Central

Moxie Dart Review

One thing I really wanna say about Moxie is they really care about their customers. They went out of their way to message me to let me know the original shop I was going to go to didn’t have the Dart and they called the other shop to make sure they had it and informed me where to go and a representative was gonna be there. I really appreciated all the work they did to give me the right information so I can get their product.

Amazing quality in a brand. So I go to 420 Central in Santa Ana before I miss the Moxie rep. I really like the way the dispensary is laid out and how professional they were. I go on the back and get two pods. Grand Daddy Purps (Indica) & Strawberry Limeade (Sativa-Hybrid). Both strains are lab tested at 80% THC. I pay and head to the Moxie display where I meet Pete. Since I bought two pods, I get the battery free so he gave me my battery along with a badass pin.

He was really informative and gave me a lot of information about the products from Moxie. Trying the pod on the way home and oh man my girlfriend and I are impressed. Literally one day rip and instant head change to a nice relaxing high. I had exceptions and Moxie definitely exceeded that. I recommend to anyone who wants high quality products in a nice discreet & flavorful vape I would buy the Dart. I’m glad I finally have a vape that has the potency and amazing flavor. Thanks Moxie for everything. You guys are an amazing brand.

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