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Strain Review: Chunky Diesel by Cresco Cannabis

@crescocannabis Chunky Diesel picked up @restorepa 1gram Actual product weight: 1.18 Lineage/Genetics: Deep Chunk x Sour Diesel Original Breeder: Ganja Rebel Seed Co Grower: Cresco Terpene Profile: Unknown

Chunky Diesel Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

chunky diesel by cresco cannabis strain review by chauncey_thecannaseur BUD STRUCTURE: The structure exhibits more of its Deep Chunk lineage than the Sour Diesel, with dense but not hard buds, with traces of purple mixed with dark green, and fairly heavy resin production NOSE: Upon opening the jar the aroma is a pretty even mix of its parent genetics, 1st your met with an earthy almost chocolatey coffee scent followed by that pungent diesel we all know and love, on the breakdown more of the Sour Diesel aroma springs out smacking you in the nose TASTE: The nose doesnt translate quite as well to the taste as some of their cultivars but this does have a nice earthy taste on the inhale, and the exhale leaves a mild taste of diesel on your pallete. EFFECTS: nice cerebral kick that sets in nicely behind the eyes, kicked my heartbeat up a click or two, produced solid motivating effects, and induced my appetite NEGATIVES: even though we all know this it was a bit dry but not awful, and I was hoping that more of the coffeesqe chocolate flavors came through in the taste but other than that nothing bad to say about this one. The Chunky Diesel burned well, nice clean solid ash. While lacking some flavors present in the smell it had a decent earthy taste and great effects. This is definitely a strain I’ll pick up again, its labeled as a hybrid (really what isnt anymore lol) but this is a great morning strain. If you have a hard time getting moving in the morning this may help you focus yourself to get going, but you’re definitely gonna want some breakfast I suggest hitting @poessandwichjoint Stay medicated ✌ #chaunceyapprovedflower #badlandzbuddlifferz #pammj #mindyourowncannabiz #TwaxFam #KnoeSomeoneThatKnoeSomeone #keystonedcollective #headstashonly #allwhiteashes #chaunceyvscancer #philly #phillymedicalcannabis #phillydabbers #poessandwichjoint
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