What’s going on with recreational cannabis in Illinois?

Time for the Tuesday tabloid! Goodmorning canna fam! Let’s talk about what’s going on in the wonderful world of weed 😉🌿

Today: Uh Oh Illinois?!

If you didn’t know, Illinois recreationalized cannabis at the beginning of this year.

Illinois Recreational Cannabis use

The state has been seeing some CRAZY business as people from all over the state have been flooding new dispensaries. According to Marijuana Retail Report, new dispensaries in Illinois have definitely had their hands full, raking in $20M in the first 12 days of legalization ($13M in the first 7)! I’ve had the opportunity to speak to several travelers from the prairie state, and they have attested to the craziness, saying that people are going as far as to line up outside of dispensary doors! Some shops have been under some major scrutiny, being accused of stockpiling cannabis to meet the demand, contributing to new weed shortage! 🤯

As dictated by state law, Illinois retailers are required to keep enough product on hand for medical patients. This law is also aimed at preventing growers from entering exclusive agreements with specific shops, in order to ensure diverse product lines. If “caught” stockpiling cannabis, dispensaries could face fines up to $20k! For now, investigators aren’t releasing any names of dispensaries in violation. I beleive that this type of news is something we’ll start to see more often as more states turn to recreational laws. It does get better!! This industry can be totally crazy, but it seems to mend itself, just give it time! I’d like to reach out to some really reputable cannabusinesses @verilifestores @dispensary33 @illinoiscannabistrainers @illinoiscannabistours and simply try to get some more feedback on what’s really going on over there!

If you live in Illinois, I’d love to hear more about your canna experiences there, drop them in the comments!

As always, have a great day, and stay high fam!


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