Why do my eyelids feel so heavy when I smoke?

@thecannaartist asks: “Why do my eyelids feel so heavy when I smoke?”

Why do my eyelids feel so heavy when I smoke?

To answer this, you must first understand what our ECS (Endocannabinoid system) is. The ECS is a system of cannabinoid receptors that are responsible for engaging many different functions in our bodies. Our eyes contain an abundant amount of CB1 (cannabinoid 1) receptors, as well as the visual processing centers of our brains! THC can lower blood pressure. As our blood vessels expand, and muscles relax, this results in what we commonly refer to as heavy eyes or red eye! 👀

As blood flows through our wider capillaries, this reduces intraocular pressure (the stress on our eyes) so in a way, this is a form of relaxation for the eyes, a beneficial side effect for people suffering from glaucoma!

How red do your eyes get when you use cannabis? Let’s talk about it in the comments!! 🌿💨

Stay high canna fam!! 😊✌

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