Protip: Step out of your strain comfort zone – try a new strain

Gooooooooooodmorning canna fam!! 🌞 I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! I figured I would start today off with another PRO TIP 💪 Let’s talk about stepping out of your strain comfort zone.

Why stepping out of your strain comfort zone is a good idea

What does that even mean? Well, it’s easy to fall into the routine of purchasing the same strain, or only going for an Indica or Sativa every time. However, this can lead to boredom, and an increase in tolerance. Take the classic strain Blue Dream, for example. People love it for its uplifting, day-dream like effects. Smoke it for too long, however, and you may start to notice that it doesn’t hit the same way that it used to. Instead of upping your dosage of Blue Dream, branch out, and try something else instead!

This mental trick helps by basically surprising your mind with a “new high”, as different strains will contain different cannabinoids, terpene combinations, and a new spectrum of benefits you can take advantage of! I’d also like you to remember, not all Indicas and Sativas are created equal. IN FACT, Indica and Sativa are just genotypes, words that are in place to describe the actual physical structure of the plant, not the effects that they have! I’ve personally experienced Indicas that jazz me up, while also having experienced Sativas that totally zonk me! So go out there and experiment!

What are some of your favorite strains?

What are some that you would like to try in the future?! Let the community know in the comments!! Happy Monday, and as always, stay high fam 😁✌🌿

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