Can cannabis kill cancer cells?

Many cancer patients are convinced that cannabis can help with their treatments, some going as far as to say its cured them!

What is the science behind this?

Can cannabis actually kill cancer cells?

Well we actually have substantial evidence from pre clinical studies of cancer cell lines in rodents and humans! Studies have shown that THC and other cannabinoids can activate receptors on the surface of cancer cells, and modulate their intracellular signaling (how cells respond to their environment.) This triggers a few things,

  1. Apoptosis: Cancer cell death
  2. A blockade on the growth of new cancer cells
  3. Impairment of tumor development
  4. Inhibition of cancer cell migration, invasiveness, and metastasis.

Further studies even showed that there were no negative effects on healthy cells when using cannabis as a treatment. Another trial including 21 patients suffering from Glioblastoma (a cancerous brain tumor) resulted in a 550 day survival rate seen in patients given synthetic THC and CBD, that’s an 83% improvement over patients treated with a placebo! Can cannabis cure cancer? We might not know for certain yet, however, based on research, I definitely beleive that cannabis can help. πŸ’š

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