Can males combine sex and cannabis?

Sex and Cannabis, PART 2! This one is Male focused, if you missed the first part on females, definitely check it out!!

What happens if males combine sex and cannabis?

So, cannabinoid receptors are present in the smooth muscle of the penis, no surprise there, as these receptors are found in most parts of our bodies! I’m sure many have heard that cannabis can cause erectile dysfunction over with long term use. HOWEVER, the studies conducted (that the media decided to focus on) had some misleading and inconclusive results, because rats and rabbits, while similar to our Endocannabinoid structure in many ways, actually have different CB1 and CB2 responses in their sexual organs.

There is actually very limited evidence from human clinical trials to suggest that cannabis use has negative or positive effects on male erectile function! In another study, 4,350 men were screened for their use of cannabis and its sexual effects. The researchers in fact found no link between cannabis and trouble keeping an erection. In another study conducted on human males, they noticed intensified sexual arousal and prolonged sexual performance.

However…yet another study (two decades ago) showed that prolonged cannabis use can cause vascular erectile dysfunction. These researchers concluded that when used in conjunction with sexual activity, a small amount of cannabis can increase sexual performance, but larger quantities can prevent sexual motivation. My advice, is to take this research with a grain of salt. Much of it is old, and as new research is released to the public, we will surely find out more answers to how cannabis affects our Endocannabinoid systems!

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