Can females combine sex and cannabis?

@cincymombuds requested I do this one, a great idea, thank you!! 😁 Sex and Cannabis! Part 1!! (I had to break this up into two posts, one for females and one for males!) This sounds like a superb pairing to me, but what does the science have to say about it? For this answer, I looked at research focused on Females and Males separately.

Should females combine sex and cannabis?

On the female side of things, cannabis use before sex resulted in more pleasurable orgasms. A study was conducted of 373 participants, and consisted of groups of women who did not use cannabis, regular smokers, and occasionall tokers. One theory as to how cannabis results in more pleasurable orgasms, is by simply lowering stress and anxiety.

Cannabis may also slow the perception of time and prolong the feelings of pleasurable sensations, and heighten sensations such as the feeling of being close to another. Cannabis interacts with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which controls sex hormones. The cannabinoid receptors in the hypothalamus are then heightened thanks to THC use, and sex drive can be increased due to effects on women’s testosterone levels.

Something I found very interesting, is that female sexual function is not only regulated by hormone production, but also by neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. If you’ve been following along with me recently, you know that THC has a big effect on dopamine production, thus, use of it before sex also stimulates a greater release of dopamine.

The results from the study are as follows: 60% of women noted an increase in sex drive and lubrication. 32% noted an increase in satisfying orgasms, and 8% reported no difference. I’d like to end this post by reminding you that cannabis use relies heavily on mindfulness and intention, it can make the world of difference!

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Thank you @thecannaartist for another great illustration! Be sure to look for part 2, where I talk about Men’s sexual health and cannabis!

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