Strain Review: Gelato 41 by Fig Farms


Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Sunset Sherb x Thin Mint GSC

Bred by: SHERBINSKIS @sherbinski415

Cultivated by: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fig Farms Gelato 41 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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Aroma: 93/100
Sweet earth, musty sweaty dirty linen funk, burnt rubber mixed with light shoe leather. Heavy pine, light lemon gassy fuel. It’s has an sweet & fruity florals that are creamy with a slightly skunky cheesiness to it, breaking the nugs reveals its pungent freezer burnt skunky ice cream gelato side more (gelato: berry, vanilla cream, purple push pop, grape? Lavender cream, purple sherbet)

Appeal 94/100
Great structure, very dense, but not overly dense, made of tall but wide stacking chunks of exotic protruding bulbs, leafy outside definitions, nice and soft despite the density, greens, light greens, yellows and beiges, with light purple bases and streaks, dark purple almost blue outer shadings and tips. It’s slightly dry and crisp on the outsides, but more moisture and stickiness is in the sappy inners, the inners reveals very thick leafy layered density. Outer trichs have some headless fuzzy coverage, medium-head wet greasy freshly salted coverage, w/ both Amber & white coverage. Inner trichomes are thin and long, with thick coverage, with bigger more defined wet heads. Crisp to snap, good dry, good cure. Burnt Neon orange short stubby pistils compress to the nug & hide in crevices. 3 nug eighth, The smaller nugs have more purps, with arrow head/ spear shapes.

Burn 95/100 Taste 89/100
Pure white ash, some grey, rare pepper flakes, nice terp ring that grew into a motor oil drip. Pleasant smooth, coffee-cookie terps, pine heavy, lemon gas, & burnt rubber terps, musty sweaty funk, pungent freezer burnt gelato terps.

Effect 95/100 Potency 90/100
Finishing the cone was easy, but the effects supplied were strong and chronic! Heavy indica vibes, with a slight uplift that keeps you awake while being heavily couchlocked, full face melt, warm and heavy. Mind is heavy, calmed, tranquil, almost sleepy, slight uplift/ euphoria keeps you awake through the heavy buzz. 3 hours duration, ends with great sleep!

Overall: 93.99/100

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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