Strain Review: El Presidente by Lionboldt Farms

El Presidente
(Goyard x Biscotti Cake)

Lineage/Genetics: Goyard x Biscotti Cake

Original Breeder: Lionboldt Farms x Weed Without Limits

Grower: Lionboldt Farms

El Presidente Strain Review

Ohhh where do I begin with this strain…40 fucking percent thc on this bad boy right here it’s called el Presidente for a reason cause this thing will control your day by day living by causing you to do absolutely nothing after smoking this.

Absolutely the best couch lock flower right here. The terps are they the roof and while breaking it up I got my kief breaking this up by hand than I have in any grinder in a long time. The kief on this flower is so sticky you can roll it up on your fingers like it’s hash.

Straight cream and cake terps with a hit of gas on the inhanle and exhale. The nose on this strain is undeniably one of my favorites I was describing it with the homie like a pairing of a fine biscotti cake and a fine wine cause boy is this flower the definition of fine dining in a smokeable form.

10/10 flower right here this is the bar for some of the best flower on the market right now🏆🏆🏆🏆

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Check out more reviews by @boofbusters420 on Instagram! (

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