Strain Review: Four Star General by Fire Bros.

Four-Star General [Hybrid Indica] 🧃
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Lineage/Genetics: Stardawg x Tres Dawg

Original Breeder: Fire Bros.

Four Star General Strain Review

Strength – 3/5 🗿🗿🗿
Aroma – Woody, Sour 🌳 🍏
Taste – Musk, Sour, Campfire ♨️ 🍏 🔥
Density – Fluffy ☁️

Strolling along this stretch of my cannabis journey, I’m looking high and low for adequate strains with great qualities, yet may lack appeal elsewhere 👍 (everyone knows what a good Quad (AAAA) looks like, but what makes a a good Trip (AAA)?!).⠀In this category, I’m placing major importance on only 4 factors: Flower Trim, Cure, Combustion, & Effects.⠀Flowers that fall into this category can fall short on every other variable other than these ones above.⠀Anything less than excellent in these categories, the strain shall be deemed a Dub (AA).
Today, we have the honor of having (a) Four-Star General in our midst!⠀Moss green uniform decorated with accolade crystals on every edge, it wears amber pistils in an unruly fashion; showing a hint of its individuality for all to see.⠀The bag came in medium and small nugs (👍👍 All buds, no stems).⠀Sticking my nose in 👃, I’m reminded of a marshy woodland as the base, hinted with sweet & sour 🌳 🍏.
Let’s get Juicin 🧃!⠀Summoning fire with my thumb to light up the dubee, the first few tokes are scratchy on the way in, but much smoother mid-joint.⠀No issue with canoeing whatsoever, cherry is consistent and gives a healthy burn 🚬. The inhale tastes of woody campfire 🌳 🔥, while the exhale tastes of a musky sour♨️. The ash breaks off easily and drops grey with flakes of black.
The numb hits the forehead, brow, and right behind the eyes 👀.⠀Attention is honed in as the mind enters a state⠀of intense focus 🙎🏽‍♂️. Breathing is deep and muscles begin to relax 💆. Today’s task: Cleaning house.⠀I systematically tackle every single bullet point on my list with fierce efficiency ✅ 🏃.
Four-Star General is a Wake’n’Bake type of strain 🙌. If you accidentally cranked your neck from sleeping weird the night before (like I did 😵), the Indica muscle relaxing effects work great to unwind you from a night of horrible sleeping posture. Got stuff to do? Don’t worry, the General’s gotcha 👍. Clear mind, w/ tunnel vision focus allows for full task immersion.

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