Strain Review: Marshmallow Madness by Sprinklez

Marshmallow Madness

Lineage/Genetics – (?)

The Brand – Sprinklez @sprinklez.brand @torch.exotix @no_igblack2

The Bred by – TORCH

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Via – @pa_gk2

Marshmallow Madness Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The Visual Appeal –
The Cannabis era in 2022 is all about presentation . Came in a Mylar bag I do like the concept on the bag . On the bag is got marshmallows on it .

The Appearance – purple and green flower semi pretty but the flavor and high takes the cake .a lil dry but still delicious 🤤

The Aroma – candy , marshmallow, cocoa, cinnamon, Sweet , Vanilla, Dough

Taste – Marshmallow, Vanilla, Sweet , Candy , dough, artificial flavors

The ash resin ring / ash color – ✅

The Effects – Relaxing , semi heavy eyes ,

The Smoke Ability – harsh or smooth (smooth)

Lung Expansion – potent , after 5/6 pulls I started to feel the effects . 1 -2 hour high

Conclusion – So today we got some Marshmallow Madness . Let’s start by saying this . This weed is not sprayed on ! Its aroma is similar to the taste . The inhale in candy and exhale is a vanilla or marshmallow flavor on exhale . This strain taste amazing it kinda remind me of the lost planet in that cookies family . Definitely something worth checking out . Give me the dab sweats as well . I would definitely smoke this one again .

It was a rumor going around saying this brand was spraying their weed . But I don’t see that because the flavor and aroma match . If this weed was spray on it wouldn’t taste like it aroma or wouldn’t be similar . I do think it a lcg cross to something. It’s not just lemon cherry gelato or might not be it just got the lcg bag appeal . It’s don’t smell like lemon cherry gelato it smell like a vanilla marshmallow , I would love to see this cut share to more brands to see what other brands could do with this special strain . It’s like smoking the milkshake from the cream team and mix with the lost planet from grease couture . If you ever those two strain then you would get what flavors I am talking about . But definitely something I would smoke again .

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Check out more reviews by @feartheterpss on Instagram! (

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