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Strain Review: Super Red Espresso Snowflake by Old World Organics

When @old_world_organics_llc hit me up, I wasn’t expecting to be doing nearly as many reviews as I wound up doing. This isn’t a complaint in the least, because it’s been delightful. Super Red Espresso Snowflake is a crazy name for a relatively uncrazy strain. It’s such an enjoyable morning smoke with qualities that lend perfectly to an enjoyable brunch. Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Old World Organics Dispensary: TJ’s on Powell and Thurman Street Collective

Super Red Espresso Snowflake Strain Review

super red espresso snowflake by old world organics strain review by pdxstonemanThe high is wakeful, but I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as energizing. It’s creative and talkative without leaving you restless. Lots of munchies, so I assume the THC-V isn’t astronomical. The biggest scent I got was big hits of earthy pine, but it was a very complex scent. Almost like a skunk that got killed on a highway with pine trees nearby, but like if that wasn’t a bad thing. I still got like two more Old World strains after this one, then it’s back to the usual content until someone wants to give me more free weed to review. Hoping to see the homies at more stores soon, but keep your eyes out at @tjsonpowell and @thurman.street.collective for Old World Organics flower, and bug your local dispensary manager to start carrying some real old school shit like this. You know the market needs it more than another GMO cross. . . . #thehighestcritic #oldworldorganics #landrace #strainreview #strainreviews #weedreviews #420review #portlandcannabis #OMMP #portlandweedreviews #mmj #portlandcannabiscommunity #oregoncannabiscommunity #Medicate #oregonweedreviews #oregoncannabis #mmjpatient #medicalmarijuana #weshouldsmoke #higherthanmost #justblazeig #weedstagram420 #420lifestyle #cannabiscommunity
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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