CBD Review: UP CBD Recovery Powder by Seven Wellness

A good workout necessitates a good recovery but how do you know which CBD recovery powder to review and use? Recovery powders are all the rage right now and Seven Wellness’s UP CBD recovery powder is the perfect one to try. It’s easy to add to your post workout water or smoothie and there’s an option that has CBD included. Seven Wellness is a CBD brand that carries a wide range of CBD products that have been formulated to have maximum effect. They carry CBD products you’ve heard of like CBD oil cartridges and CBD oil tinctures but they also have useful supplemental combinations for their CBD such as their CBD recovery powder.

Seven Wellness CBD Recovery Powder Review

Seven Wellness sells their UP CBD recovery powder in a 5-pack and also in a 20-pack. You do get a roughly 20% discount if you order the 20-pack versus four 5-packs and that’s what I’d recommend for anybody that is committing to adding CBD to their post workout recovery routine. Besides CBD, UP also contains potassium, niacin, vitamin A, Glucosamine, Glutamine, Ginseng root powder, and other helpful recovery supplements that your body will appreciate. My apartment gym has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I’ve had to adapt my workout routine accordingly. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that I drink something – usually a glass of ice cold water but sometimes a shake or smoothie – after my workout. There’s something about a cold liquid that triggers a mindshift for me. Adding this CBD recovery powder has been a nice blast of fruit punch flavor to my water but that’s not the only reason to try Seven Wellness CBD recovery powder. Recovery isn’t something you can really feel even in the first hour or so after your workout – it’s really the next day that you’ll notice just how less sore you are. That’s the benefit of recovery powder that has CBD in it. In the same way that people swear by pre-workout as a way to increase gains, trust me when I say that adding a CBD recovery powder as a post-workout will do the same by allowing you to recover faster, and get to your next session that much sooner. Up by Seven Wellness  is formulated for use after a heavy workout but it’s long list of ingredients actually makes it a good recovery tool for anything. Try it after a rave or a night out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effects. I personally haven’t had a hangover to fight in almost a decade but I did offer up one of these recovery powders for someone who did and they raved about its efficacy. As far as I’m concerned, CBD is a must-add to any sort of recovery and really you should consider it for daily use even if you aren’t recovering. This powder is perfect to keep on hand for when you do need an extra boost in your day while you’re feeling down, though. Just be careful, there is an expiration date on these and they need to be used up within a year. Shop CBD powders at Seven Wellness. Looking for a Seven Wellness Coupon Code? Sign up for their email listing for 10% off your first order from Seven Wellness!
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