Strain Review: Galactic Glue by SugarBudz


Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: SugarBudz

SugarBudz Galactic Glue Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Well hello there followers just wanted to show you this Dispensary I recently went to visited and I’m glad to say I been going back recently to review or even pick up some of there in house Flower and I’m also glad to report its worth every penny in my opinion why because you get a bag size at 5Gr yes that’s correct a bigger size bag and good indoor flower at reasonable prices, these 2 recent pick ups I had to show you 1st up is the Galactic Glue (Effects- Indica- Body High, Head Sedation, Couch Locked) the other pickup was the Marshmallow (Effects- Indica- Body Sedation, Open World Sensation, Couch Locked,Hunger)
Now I would rate them at around 8/10 because it good indoor flower and the prices range from Twenty Five to around Fifty Dollars (Indoor Brand of )

And they offer other varieties of products from name brand companies.

Hopefully this makes up your mind about visiting or even trying there products. Oh the best part too they offer some flower at 10Gr( Some Days small nugs but also packed flavorful.

Rating 8/10
Effects – Both of the strains were Mostly Indica Lineages so you know the effects.
Nugs where sticky to the touched and even breaking them apart was left over with residue.
Smoke is smooth on both with lungs expanding and the creepy after effects of going from foot to the head.



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