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Strain Review: Garlic Shrimp Girl by Ted’s Budz

Garlic Shrimp Girl🧄
By Ted’s Budz x Bubblegum Co

Lineage/Genetics🧬: Shrimp Girl x Rainbow Runtz

Original Breeder: Unknown

Brand: Ted’s Budz x Bubblegum Co

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Garlic Shrimp Girl Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

garlic shrimp girl by teds budz strain review by eriksreviews

I knew I wanted to try Garlic Shrimp Girl because I tried Tokyo Gumdrop last year, I loved it and the genetics on that includes Garlic Shrimp Girl. I just remember the high being super stoney and potent.

The aroma on this strain is super fresh and potent with notes of food seasoning, which in my guess has to be coming from GMO. As I broke down the nugs, I did get some sweet creaminess that kind of smelt like oranges.

On the exhale you’re getting spicy, earthy, and gassy notes with an aftertaste similar to the seasoning aroma i’m talking about.

The high is instant, as you feel your head become heavy and your eyes lower. You get the gist that it’s gonna be a heavy smoke pretty quickly. One thing I did notice is that I definitely felt my appetite increase because even after eating dinner, I was still thinking about reaching for a bite to eat. The body high is very sedating and has you wanting to chill out, probably not too good to get things done throughout the day.

Garlic Shrimp Girl checked off all the boxes that it needs to be top-notch flower. I definitely think this is a GMO cut because of the heavier effects and the seasoning nose. Definitely recommend this and their Tokyo Gumdrop if you like a smoke that’s similar to GMO.

Erik’s Score: 8.7/10

garlic shrimp girl by teds budz strain review by eriksreviews

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