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Strain Review: Grapes n Berries by Major League Exotics

#grapesnberries Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Major League Exotics x Gelatti Terpene Profile: Unknown

Grapes n Berries Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This time around got a chance to try some grapes n berries from @officialgelatti & @major_league_exotics . Not too sure of the genetics on this one, but reminds me of a Sherbanger 22 x Gelato 33. The taste on inhale was a robust punch of candy gas to the palate…..a fuely combination of subtle sweet candy and tart fruity notes mixed with slight hints of licorice with some undertones of bittersweet gas. Great pressure on lungs, very smooth smoke considering how potent and gassy the flavor. The exhale was a reverse of the inhale with some bursts of fruity tart going into the subtle sweet and finishing off with nice smooth fuely finish that tingles the nostrils in a good way. The head high was immediate; onset head change……moderate to strong intensity depending on tolerance. Moderate euphoria with stronger Stoney vibes; slight to no focus, light to moderate haze and definite couch lock vibes. Calming/tranquil mind, anti anxiety and long lasting relaxation in the cerebral effects. The body high was moderate, very complimentary to the head high but also had its own identity. Relaxing, pain relief and slight sedative properties present in psychological effects. Taste: 9.5+ High: 9.5-9.75 Overall: A1+ This was a great strain overall….:checked all the boxes and added some to it…..very unique flavor and effects and the duration of the two aspects is what gave this flower such a score…..a great medicinal choice as well. grapes and berries strain review by phenoreviewed
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