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Strain Review: Rx by Greendawg Cultivation


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Lineage/Genetics: RS11 x Gelato X

Original Breeder: Greendawg Cultivators

Grower: Greendawg Cultivators

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rx Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Had been waiting to try this strain from Greendawg cultivation, the genetics are Rainbow Sherbert #11 crossed with Gelato-X.

The taste on inhale was a combination of some sweet overtones with lots of gassy undertones immediately hitting the palate, you get a taste of both parent strains….but leaning towards the gelato-X more of flavor. Great pressure, nice smooth and clean smoke.

The taste on exhale was vibrant fuely blast of candy gassy goodness mixed with earthy pungent skunky vibes on the backend….left me salivating.

The head high was moderate in intensity and also in duration. Slight head change, calming to Templar lobes. Great balance of euphoric and stoney effects, little focus, light haze and depending on consumption amount would give you couch lock effects. Happy and joyous mood, calming/tranquil state of mind. Anti depression, anti anxiety, stress/tension relief properties present in cerebral effects.

The body high was also moderate in strength, complimentary to the cerebral effects. Not overbearing but nice long lasting relief in body aches and fatigue. Calming body to go along with mind, elevated pain relief and management and overall relaxing properties present in physiological effects.

Taste: 9.5 High: 9.5
Overall: A1+

This one was good from beginning to end….not to mention an award winning strain as well, makes sense I could see why and how because this had it. Well rounded, great overall flower and balanced both in flavor and taste and from high to effects.

rx by greendawg cultivators strain review by phenoreviewed
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