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Strain Review: Guava’z by Green Dawg Cultivators

Guava’z 🍬🍧 Lineage/Genetics: Pure Guava x OZ Melon Original Breeder: Green Dawg Cultivators Grower: Green Dawg Cultivators

Guava’z Strain Review

guava'z by green dawg cultivators strain review by dcent_treeviews 2@greendawgca @greendawg916 🙏 @_atsmd The terps on this guavaz is insanely sweet. Almost like a sweet candy🍭 with a creamy gelato🍧 funk at the end. Mostly candy terps tho. It makes me think of a really sweet candy version of Mochi terps, which I already thought was sweet and candied terps. The flavor on a joint is insanely tasty. Visually this is hella frosty. When I received these buds, I noticed they were really dry and crispy but 2 days with a 62% boveda pack brought this bud back to life. Now it feels really sticky but fluffy, and it’s fluffier than I would have expected from the denser gelato structures I’ve come to expect. The smoke was hella clean and burned white. The hit of this guava’z is fairly potent, but it isn’t a knockout-potent hit IMO. It definitely has a noticeable punch to my face and head, giving me a hit that’s very reminiscent of gelato. I would say this feels like a daytime smoke. It has that heady feel but more of a sharp psychedelic edge to it than a bubbly relaxed headspace, like a happy, heady gelato that reminds me of Mochi. It definitely improves my mood and I do feel myself smiling a bit easier. Music sounds better and I find myself feeling more creative from this hit as well. Physically, I don’t feel much couchlock or slowed down too much so I am finding this to be a good smoke before physical activity or errands. As someone who’s been missing Mochi gelato for a while, this was a very refreshing batch of flower.
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Check out more of my reviews @dcent_treeviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/dcent_treeviews)

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