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Strain Review: HGDP by Craft Cannabis Company

To see Harlequin GDP (HGDP) on the normal dispensary line, it would be hard to distinguish upon a glance, that this CBD hybrid is any different than the rest of the pack. Lineage/Genetics: Harlequin x Granddaddy Purple Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Craft Cannabis Company Dispensary: Craft Cannabis Company

HGDP Strain Review

Spindly tangerine hairs blur the forest and lime green highlights on the densely symmetrical nuggets. A dusting of trichomes sparkle intensely and are sure to catch your eye in true GDP style. The bag appeal is extraordinary and almost gives comfort to die hard THC lovers that are sacrificing their beloved high testing GDP numbers for the greater good of the medicine. The swift aroma of berries, the ever present hereditary grape, and even a pungent splash of good ole’ Skunk, come on strong to steal Harlequins thunder as a partner in this merger. Classic GDP flavor shines through and does not disappoint with a fruity yet gassy profile that will be reminiscent of your fave GDP grow with the first taste. This is not your Father’s CBD flower folks. Find the FULL Review in the November issue of The Oklahoma Chronic Magazine at a dispensary near you! #hgdp #harlequingranddaddypurp #oklahomachronicmagazine #strainhunter #privatereserve #topshelf #exuisitecannabis #okcannabisculture #cannabis #okcannabiscommunity #highsociety #theoklahomachronic #okcannacritic #strainreviews #cannalifer #reviewpreviews #publishedreviews #originalreviews #notyouraveragereviews #staylitoklahoma #smokebetter
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