Strain Review: Jupiter Jack by Seven Leaves

Jupiter jack by

Lineage/Genetics: Jack Herer pheno

Original Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Grower: Seven Leaves

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Jupiter Jack Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

bag appeal: 8/10 beautiful sativa heavy buds! Don’t see bud that look like this very often anymore! Took my back in a time capsule to the 2000’s. Long skinny buds with long fox tails that are covered in trichs. Very nice trich coverage and very healthy. Very bright green buds with lots of long strangely orange hairs. Pretty light buds but perfect cure. Very very sticky! I thought these buds were absolutely gorgeous!

Smell: 8/10 HOLY SHIT! Haven’t smelled this smell in ages! I know ALOT of people HATE this smell but I love it! If you didn’t notice already this is 7 leaves pheno of Jack herer. For whatever reason the majority of the weed community now hates this smell but I thought they killed it on this batch… very very heavy orange and lemon terps that are leaning more towards the spicy herbal side instead of the candy smell everyone loves. I personally really loved it and immediately knew what kind of high I was in store for the second I smelled it.

Smoke: 8/10 I really really enjoyed smoking this. I honestly think a lot of it was nostalgia but either way it was lovely. The orange terps just coat your mouth and give you such a mood boosting high high high! Such a perfect strain for in the morning! Makes my body feel all lose and ready to go like I just did some yoga. Makes my head feel nice and clear and takes away all my stress. Has me feeling like I could conquer the world haha. There was still some issues with harshness but not near as bad as the other strains. Absolutely loved smoking this. Bring back more jack!

Overall: 8/10 I had a really cool experience with this one! They say that sativa’s are dead but I strongly disagree! Such a different experience from anything else that’s on the market today. From the smell to the taste and high, totally different from anything else. Loved the nostalgia trip it gave me too. If your looking for a true sativa or your a big fan of jack, go pick this up and I promise you won’t regret it!



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