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Strain Review: Koala Milk by Flower District x Teds Budz

Koala Milk🥛🐨 (New Batch)

From: @flowerdistrict_co & @tedsbudzco_

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Donkey Butter x Permanent Marker

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Flower District

Brand: Teds Budz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Koala Milk Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

koala milk by flower district x teds budz strain review by eriksreviews

Aroma: Very fresh and lovely nose right when I open the bag. Definitely a sweet and creamy profile initially, there was some type of funky orange in the background which is probably the permanent marker genetic popping out. The best part of the aroma is when you break it open and smell the guts, you get this funky cheese chemical smell. It also had this earthy dirt funky nose to it, making it overall super complex and enjoyable.

Flavor: The taste was super fresh and had earthy and sweet notes, but I was getting mostly a kush forward flavor. The complexity of aroma and flavors makes it almost a different tasting smoke every time you take a hit.

Effect: Solid effects off this strain, I was definitely more zoned in to what I was doing while feeling a buzzy euphoria around my head in a little bit in the body. It still had relaxing effects but I wouldn’t say strong enough to be a nightcap. I would keep this around for a nice afternoon smoke, or maybe going out to dinner.

Erik’s Score: 8.4
This is my second review of Koala Milk from The Flower District, and I was definitely more impressed with this batch than the last. It wasn’t that the last batch was bad, it was just missing a little something and after this batch I could definitely tell the terpenes really came out properly on this. If you’re a fan of the funky permanent marker strain definitely give this a shot as you’ll get the terps that you’re looking for and that nice zoned in focused high that permanent marker usually gives off. If you only are looking for a heavy smoke that will knock you out, this might be a little too uplifting for you. But overall koala milk is fresh as hell and a great motivational day smoke! Cheers 💨

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