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Strain Review: Push Pop x Permanent Marker by Doja Exclusive

“Push pop x Permanent marker” strain

Lineage/Genetics: Push Pop x Permanent Marker

Original Breeder: Doja Exclusive

Brand: Doja Exclusive

Terpene profile: Unknown

Push Pop x Permanent Marker Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

push pop x permanent marker by doja exclusive strain review by thethcspot 2

The genetics on this strain are crazy , they crossed the “Permanent marker” ( sherb Bx 1 x jealousy F2 x Biscotti ) with “Push Pop” ( orange cookies x triangle kush Bx 2 x wedding cake F3) by the sounds of it you know you’re in for a treat.

The terps are super flavorful , you get that Pm inhale with the pushpop slight citrus exhale leaving your mouth coated with flavor. The effects caught me off guard , very potent head high with euphoria and heavy couchlock , this one is definitely not for beginners. Burning clean with papers (bone white ash) and mega tasty out of clean glass.

Im not gonna lie and hype it up but this baby 10/10 @doja.pak don’t sleep on the innovation that’s coming from Doja, always curating a proper experience ! A little heads up , got something in the works with @visithollyweed coming soon!

thethcspot x doja exclusive
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Documenting nothing but the best flower that I come across -Nothing is for sale

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Documenting nothing but the best flower that I come across -Nothing is for sale

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