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Strain Review: Rotation Pressure by Pressure Pack

Rotation Pressure, by Pressure Pack

Hitting on the next trek of the Lou Gram x P.P. collaborations, we’re onto the Rotation Pressure now. Bag appeal never fails to miss as always, and these collaborations have really reeled me into this brand. I’m beyond impressed with what’s come along especially with these new batches. One thing to check out, although I’m not sure how it works, is that there are filters on Instagram that bring animation to the pack and that’s one of the coolest things that stick out as well. Peep out my thoughts on this review, I got more fire on the way.

Bred by: Pressure Pack (@pressurepack.michigan) x Lou Shifter (@bigshifter)

Grown by: House Brands

Genetics: Undisclosed genetics

Taste: 8/10; Another gassy mix, but a quite interesting phenomenon is that it didn’t really smell. It is really hard to explain, but it’s not inherently a bad thing neither. Of course it smelled like flower, but didn’t have the punch like Fly Shifter did in its smell. Nothing distinctive about the smell, but a very good gelato mix.The breakdown of this was pretty perfect, great nugs too, and that’s very showcased in the review.

Coming in at a whopping 28%, this strain still impressed despite being a smooth smoke for me.

Smoke: 8/10; I will say that I’m just as impressed in comparison to smoking the Fly Shifters by Pressure Pack and Lou Gram. The Rotation Pressure however, was a more of a lighter and smoother smoke. I consider this to be a mixer strain, and more of a social smoke. I very much enjoyed the smoke of this strain, however, I’m a sucker for couch-locks. Would that mean I’d never smoke this? Naaaah, I’d definitely smoke this again, and one of my favorite combinations to blend this with, is actually the Fly Shifter itself. It adds a perfect blend of the couch-lock feeling, while not choking up at the same time, which is all perfect. Another good combination to pair it with, I’d say is the Wockhardt, but y’all haven’t seen that review just yet. Be on the lookout for it, I can promise you it will be worth the while.


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