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Strain Review: Runtz x Sherb Bx by Doja Exclusive

“RUNTZ X SHERB BX” strain By Doja pak … Lineage/Genetics: Runtz x Sherb Bx Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Brand: Doja Exclusive Terpene Profile: Unknown

Runtz x Sherb Bx Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by TheTHCSpot

runtz x sherb bx by doja exclusive strain review by thethcspot 2 This (select batch ) exclusive was insane! Look at this 2.7 g nug !! 👌👌The flavor was crazy , straight sugar notes with a sweet tropical twist.just imagine some fire runtz with a sherby exhale 🔥🔥🔥.The aroma on the flower was gassy , earthy and super sweet , I couldn’t stop smelling it , this baby was fresh!! . Now the effects ,this was a face melter , couchlock and euphoria on point not even trying to hype it up, I was hella faded and it lasted for a good time too 👏 . The material was super sticky and covered in trichomes this baby had all the looks and consistencies that you want in a flower ! Burned hell of clean , smooth and white ash .. overall some elite smoke without a doubt 🙏🏼. I’m also digging this white bag! … @doja.pak keep killin it bro ✅✅✅ brought to u by @westcampusexotics 👊🏼👊🏼

Runtz x Sherb Bx Cannabis cultivar (Strain) review by TheCannaisseurKing

🍬🍧 Runtz x Sherb BX @doja.pak @bertstreez_2.0 @beezyblends @seedjunky_jbeezy This was very interesting, crack the bag open you get this very dull creamy wants to be a sherbish nose. Absolutely no candy whatsoever! Not really that much sherb either, heavy aroma of a dull cream gas. Looks like Runtz with almost looks like a mixture between the two strains! Somewhat freshish nugs but the crack of the stem was perfect! Soft thick dense nugs. Broke up in the grinder and the nose got a little more gassy, a heavier tone of sherbish, still no hint of that sweet candy , but more of a Suuuuper dull sweet gas aroma cream . The last nug rolling up I found a hopefully healthy seed! Hope for the best! Rolled up a thick nice bat , every time Rollin it, same experience! The taste of the airflow you can KINDA get that candy note but it’s more gassy cream than anything ! Sparked up instantly, the first joint (last slide) wasn’t burning as white as the rest and I believe it’s because I used the smaller buds of the bag or it just needed to sit a little bit more! Nonetheless, sparked up easily, and the first few hits you get way more gas than terps . All powerful inhales and with that heavy creep up choke. Very potent each rotation and the taste I was getting a heavy gas full cream sherb! Gas and power took over, if you grabbed the bag, I bet the nose fooled you and if you smoked it than you know what I’m talking about! It’s a weird one for sure , I had to see what this was talking about. I need to grab that sour candy! That’s the one I’m missin … #StayTuned #HeavyHitters #FlavorChaser #SacTown #Junky #Seeds #InTheLab #WithMyAliens #PassinDoja to #Doja #FlavorChaser #OneOfAKind #KingsComin #KingShit #PAID #StackAndChase #StompingGround #RepYourCity #CGO #Bueno #Menu #Music #OTW #ThankYouAll #TooTasty #TheOriginal #King #Cannasaurus👑🦖
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