The Teds Budz Origin Story

First Smoke of the Day always brings out something new with their guests. We have it from the founder of Teds Budz’ mouth hisself, the origin story of Teds Budz Co. and who is Ted?

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So who is the Ted behind Teds Budz?

Ted isn’t the name of the owner of Teds Budz Co. Ted is the name of the founder’s grandfather. Since the brand has been going so long, The grandson is Ted now. Watch out for the album drop.

OG Ted is featured on some of the famous Teds Budz designs, such as White Cronuts. New Ted can be found giving u

Where is Teds Budz from?

DB Shouted out Nebraska, getting kicked out of high school for selling weed six times, and other formative experiences.

“Nebraska is different. You’ll get your head knocked off there.”

He even had to mime pleading the fifth at one point.

Who does the bag graphics for Teds Budz?

On the podcast, Teds Budz Co. founder DB also shouted out his marketing prodigy, Jackie, who is the designer/branding expert behind the industry greats that are sold out across hundreds of stores’ (top) shelves.

“My homegirl Jackie did my branding.”

“She’s cold, she’s really good at what she does.”

To hear the whole story, you gotta watch the whole FSOTD Ep on Youtube:


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