Certified Ganjier Business Directory

The following businesses feature products curated by Certified Ganjiers or are (at least partially) owned by Certified Ganjiers.

Higher Remedies OG

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Hemp Remedies Original Grower (OG) offers a wide variety of hemp products including but not limited to CBD & Delta-8 vapes, gummies, tinctures, topicals, and much more! Browse their unique selection which includes hemp derived cannabinoid products and over 20 different hemp strains.

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Nursegrown Organics

Vermont’s first Clean Green Certified Hemp Company features organically grown, handcrafted and processed hemp products. They offer tinctures, balms, massage oils, capsules, and more.

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Smoking Grizzly

Whether you’re looking for a chillum (or chilam), a kiseru, a dab tool, or something else – Smoking Grizzly has the right novelty gift for you.

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The Smoking Table

Your Humboldt County source for “Ganjier Curated Menus and Private Event Services.”

Kelly Valentine The Smoking Table Social at The Ganjier Campus April 2022








As Seen In: https://thehighestcritic.com/blog/check-out-the-smoking-table-at-the-emerald-triangle-revealed-tour/

Check it out at The Smoking Table