Did Jesus Christ use cannabis?

Was Jesus 420 friendly or not? Did Jesus Christ use cannabis? David Bienenstock, cannabis historian and High Times editor, definitely thinks so, and he isn’t the only one!

Did Jesus Christ use cannabis in his holy oil?

A handful of historical experts claim that the recipe for Jesus’ holy anointing oil included cannabis, and they’re pointing to scripture as evidence! In Exodus 30:22-25, a mysterious herb called “q’aneh-bosm” is mentioned. Entomologist, Sula Benet, explained that the root of the word “q’an” translates to “hemp” and “bosom” translates to “aromatic”. All in all, Aromatic Hemp sounds a lot like cannabis. And since it’s been around since practically the beginning of time, it’s pretty possible that it was one of Christ’s main ingredients. Cannabis has been demonized by many Christian organizations in the past, but as new theories develope and new facts are discovered, hopefully the veil of judgement and misunderstanding of cannabis will start to fade out!

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Was Jesus 420 friendly?

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