What is Bhang (Cannabis infused beverage)?

Cannabis has been around us for thousands upon thousands of years. Have you ever wondered how our ancestors may have used this medicinal plant?

So… What is Bhang?

According to historical research, (Abel 1890) cannabis was used in preparation of a ritual drink known as bhang, starting somewhere between 4,000 and 3,400 before present day. Cannabis was referenced in the ancient Indian Atharva Veda aka “the science of charms” as “one of the five kingdoms of herbs which releases us from anxiety.”

Bhang is made from cannabis flowers and leaves, milk, water, spices, and occasionally yoghurt. It is typically consumed for digestive troubles, headaches, and fever. Bhang has actually been an important part of daily life since the beginning of Hindu culture!

Have you ever been able to experience this interesting cannabis beverage?

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