What is CBN (Cannabinol)?

Have you read CBN on a total cannabinoid lab report and wondered what CBN is? CBN or Cannabinol (canna-bin-ol) is considered a minor cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant.

So… What does Cannabinol (CBN) do?

It is non-intoxicating, and is typically extracted from aged cannabis. That’s right, unlike wine which gets better with time, as buds dry, THC begins to degrade and convert into CBN. Even though research into this cannabinoid has been limited, studies show that it may yield several benefits. Among those, are it’s potential as a neuroprotectant.

Researchers used it as a treatment for ALS in rodents, and found that it was able to delay the onset of symptoms. For those looking for appetite stimulation, cannabinol increased the amount of food that the rat subjects ate, which may be a great alternative to people who need the munchies, but don’t want the high.

A common misconception about CBN, is that is causes sleepiness. However, tests of isolated CBN showed no sedative results. However, in combination with THC it may have caused some subjects to feel drowsy. 😴🌿πŸ”₯

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