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Miss Kanjie, CG shares her cannabis story

Honored to be able to interview Miss Kanjie, Certified Ganjier from the Bay Area who is putting on the Terpene Supper Club with the Terpene Tournament on April 27th, 2023. Check out her website here:

Miss Kanjie, CG Interview

Can you share a little with us about your history with cannabis?

– I’ve been a user for over forty years; initially it was teenage rebellion and the fact that I did not enjoy drinking alcohol. The past few years have been about healing and purposeful consumption; I’ve found Cannabis to be an excellent source of relief for menopause symptoms, specifically psychological.

Who do you look up to in the cannabis industry?

– Not one person in particular but collectively, I admire the growers who have been in the industry since the times when it wasn’t necessarily legal to do so. I admire their perseverance, strength and determination, and appreciate the ones left that are still doing it in nature’s way.

What about outside the cannabis industry?

– The woman who makes breakfast for the family, drives the kids to school, works a day’s shift, picks up the kids, makes dinner, does laundry and keeps a clean and tidy house. Unfortunately underrated and not credited enough, yet we make the world go ‘round.

What are some of your favorite cultivars?

– Whitethorn Rose, CC#26, MAC, Durban Poison

What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?

– Right now it’s dabbing, but I still always go back to my old school ways and burn a joint.

What’s the oldest cannabis product that you’ve consumed and what was the method of consumption? How was it?

– Whitethorn Rose I had hoarded from my Ganjier studies at Humboldt (2021). It was excellent!

What do you like to do while high?

– Depends on the high, but I do enjoy being creative in the kitchen with the right strain.

What’s your go to munchie?

– Dates with almonds; I love to stuff dates with almonds!

Along that line, what is the most interesting food and cannabis pairing you have experienced or come up with?

– Blackened shrimp and white grits paired with Green Crack. The shrimp is loaded with earthy and spicy terpenes and thus the herbaceousness tones of Green Crack balance out the palate.

What is your mission and vision in the cannabis space?

– I’d like to have people learn and understand the community that comes with the plant in different settings. Whether you are a high THC aficionado, a light puffer who emphasizes cannabinoids beyond THC, a social smoker, a toker, or a lover of the nuances of the terpenes; there is a community that is encompassed within your preference and it’s beautiful when you finally meet your pack!

What are you working on nowadays?

– Pairing and menu creation for the second edition of the Terpene Supper Club.

Would you like to share a funny story from the legacy days?.

– I am not from those days, at least not here in California. I used to get my cannabis from someone who knew someone or on a night time daredevil excursion to places I’d rather forget.

In the classic /r/trees scale of 1 to 10 high, how high are you right now?

– Not at ALL! I’m saving my seshes for when I’m cooking and pairing, keeping the palate clean.

Are there any other projects, yours or others, that you’d like to shout out?

– Besides getting ready for the Terpene Supper, I’m really wanting to get some Ganjiers together, smoke some good cannabis, eat good food, and maybe make an event out of that! I’m also looking into an SF bred event with local growers, producers and distros.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with The Highest Critic readers?

– Support the OGs, the legends, and the trailblazers in the Cannabis space, keep corporate and Big Pharma out of it.
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