Pre-roll Review: Blueberry Infused King Palm Blunt by B5 Infusions

@b5infusions small batch king palm tobacco preroll …

Brand: B5 Infusions

B5 Infusions Blueberry Infused King Palm Preroll Review

@b5infusions is based of Queens, NY bringing his own flowers and more to the stoner.

I am not a big fan of tobacco but got to enjoy this king palm rolled blueberry infused preroll by @b5infusions . It was rolled on king palm with small batch #b5infusions cultivar. It has a flavors infused on the tip. The high lasted about 1.5. The effects are medium level cerebral high. It’s good for the times you don’t feel like rolling, getting out of work easy on the go . It took me back to my days of smoking flowers on white owls and dutches, cigarillos. If you like tobacco rolled flower, give it a try . The effects can start around 7-8 pulls in and the smoke experience is a bit harsh and smooth, it can differ for others since im not used to tobacco. Overall king Palm @b5infusions prerolled can calm a nerve especially if you have the urge to smoke 💨. The palm was perfectly rolled and easy to inhale. Shoutout to my bro Mo for blessing me with this to review. @b5infusions prerolled 3/5
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