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a Pot for Pot awarded ‘Most Innovative Product’ at Emerald Cup 2023 Awards Show

The winner of this year’s ‘Most Innovative Product’ award from the Emerald Cup was none other than a Pot for Pot. Each year, the Emerald Cup gives awards to the best cannabis growers and processors from across the state. Emerald Cup judges also choose from ancillary and accessory products to crown one ‘Most Innovative Product. For 2023, the winner was homegrow advocate: a Pot for Pot. Their founder, Jason Levin told The Highest Critic what exactly sprouted the brand and its growth:
a Pot for Pot was born out of innovation.  It’s in our company’s culture.  First time and amateur growers were looking for education, and were overwhelmed with information.  Learning to grow weed can sometimes feel like drinking from a firehose.  So we created the first complete all natural soil grow kit for cannabis. By providing step-by-step illustrated instructions, and all the ingredients pre-measured and ready to go, we made the process easy, approachable, and fun.  We then continued to innovate with our collection of video grow guides paired with each kit, and by being the first and only company to offer ongoing one-on-one grow coaching from seed to harvest.”

Emerald Cup gives “Most Innovative Product” award to a Pot for Pot

Levin commented on the importance of the Emerald Cup’s recognition:
“Winning the Emerald Cup has been a tremendous honor.  We started a Pot for Pot to empower people to grow their own medicine, and learn a fun new skill in the process.  Education and empowerment has always been our mission.  Receiving this recognition from the cannabis industry validates our commitment to providing complete home grow kits that demystify the cultivation process. The Emerald Cup award serves as an inspiration for us to continue innovating and refining our products, so we can make the joy and benefits of home-grown cannabis accessible to everyone. We are deeply grateful for this accolade and remain dedicated to cultivating a greener, healthier, and more self-sufficient future for our customers and the cannabis community at large.”
Congratulations to a Pot for Pot for their win. Visit a Pot for Pot’s website to learn more. [Affiliate link]
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The Highest Critic Newswise features the latest cannabis industry news releases and press releases.

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