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American Autoflower Cup to show USA how far autoflowers have come

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Los Angeles, CA] [1/11/23] – The American Autoflower Cup will be hosted at historic Green St. in Los Angeles, CA on January 28th, 2023. This is the first year that the Autoflower Cup is coming to the United States.

American Autoflower Cup is still accepting entries until January 20th

If you’re an autoflower grower, it’s not too late to enter the American Autoflower Cup. The Cup announced on 1/10/23:
“We have extended the entry date to January 20th, so there is still plenty of time to get in. You and your friends still have time to apply! Perhaps the entries were already cured and ready to go, but you’re having trouble getting your entries to LA? Contact us and we will try to help you deliver them.”

The American Autoflower Cup, curated by Jeremy Norrie

Jeremy Norrie, of Secret Cup fame, was brought on to be the Cup Curator. He told THC why he joined on as the Cup Curator and what he saw as special about this particular event’s organizers:
“They’re not about making money, they’re about the things that make a difference in the cannabis industry.”
Norrie was brought on to make sure that the American Autoflower Cup had the old school cup feel, and not the corporate smotherings of certain new age cannabis cups.
“They hired me to scrutinize it and make sure it was authentic and people will perceive it as not just a hustle but rather a genuine development of autoflower strains and the autoflower industry in the United States.”
To that end, the American Autoflower Cup is 100% free to attendees but will be an industry only event. What’s more, sponsors aren’t paying the cup anything – they’re just providing prize packs for the winners. One example prize is a trade show booth at the upcoming CHAMPS show in Las Vegas, a $3250 value.

Autoflowers poised to make it big in the US

Across the pond, autoflowers have proliferated all across Europe. Some estimates even say that the majority of cannabis plants being grown are autoflower. Norrie mentioned that since his first brush with autoflowers in 2015, he’s seen a crazy amount of growth. Autoflowers are not just for the home grower and the lessened total time to grow may have significant commercial applications in the years to come. Norrie explained the potential:
“Some people see this taking over 80% of the industry in the United States.”

AAC Judges announced

The Cup will be judged by the following panel of judges:
  • Daniel Morford, he’s a third-generation ganja farmer born and raised in the mountains of the Emerald Triangle with over 19 years of experience in cannabis growing and 10 years growing and breeding autoflowers.
  • Nick Bradley, with more than 10 years of experience in cannabis retail and quality assurance, has participated in the judging process of several cannabis competitions around the world including the High Times Cannabis Cup, Hash Masters Challenge, The Oakland Cup, and many more.
  • Sincerely Cali, from trap houses to full cultivation of big canna with over 25 years of experience currently working with Platinum Genetics & Platinum Farmers, spreading the love of cannabis.
  • Jenny-Beth Dills, founder of Kind Cannabis Consulting and Director of Operations for Game Over Distribution. She was born into cannabis and has been in the legal industry since 2012, having worked in all areas of the cannabis industry, from seed to sale.
  • Joey Burger, he’s a Regenerative Cannabis Consultant, Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certified Educator, and Permaculture teacher with over 27 years of practice in the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis industry.
  • Jessica Cueb AKA Pothead Princess, a LA-based influencer with 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry, having worked in Amsterdam and the US in all parts of the industry, from budtender to manager, currently working at Avenue in studio city.

About American Autoflower Cup

For more information visit or send us an email: [email protected]
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