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Heavy Distance – Lisle Engle’s new interactive single – is out now

June 26, 2023– Independent development studio TFK studios has announced that Heavy Distance, a ground breaking interactive single from Lisle Engle, is now available on Steam, iOS, MAC, Android and PC. Heavy Distance a song that exits within an immersive gaming environment, creating a unique experience that draws parallels to a virtual album cover and an interactive music video. Lisle Engle, the artist, creates a surreal landscape from the lyrics, inviting listeners to explore and uncover hidden elements while materializing lyrics pertaining to time, photographs, and frozen winters, providing players with a distinctive discovery experience. As players collect and match the game’s pieces to their designated times and locations, they are granted the privilege of experiencing the final song presentation in a visually captivating psychedelic 3D format.

Heavy Distance Features

Song-based gameplay with a specific song as the core element. Explorative virtual environment for player interaction. Blend of visual album cover and interactive music video. Expanded lyrics transformed into a surreal landscape. Materialized lyrics referencing time, photographs, and frozen winters. Collecting and matching game pieces for progression. Rewarding final song presentation in psychedelic 3D format

About Lisle Engle

Lisle Engle grew up in Savannah, GA, but moved to Boston for college and formed a band. They later moved to LA in search of a record deal and he transitioned into sound engineering, eventually working in post-audio at Warner Brothers. He has released albums of original music and his upcoming project is an “interactive single” called “Heavy Distance,” which combines his skills in post audio, music, graphics, and 3D to create a surreal gaming experience based on the song’s metaphors.
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