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Terps and Sushi: 12 Course Hash Omakase Pairing with Wooksauce Winery in NYC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [New York City, New York]: On May 20th, 2023 – NYC will play host to a dinner by Resin Tree Collective x Wooksauce Winery titled: Terps and Sushi. A twelve course omakase dinner will be accompanied by different hash pairings for each course. This event is not for the faint of heart and is sure to please any connoisseur that wants to sample some of the best of the west while staying on the beast coast. One of the organizers of the event, Aydin Mayers told THC:
“Resin Tree Collective was started to create intimate events and experiences that allow for guests to have the opportunity to not only consume high end cannabis safely and socially but also receive a full experience with intentional food pairings and education, different than that of just a lounge.”
Other sponsors include:
  • Girls in Green
  • Garden of Aydin
  • KnowSmoke Events
  • Terrapin Productions
  • Indux Labs

About Wooksauce Winery

AKA The Last of the Melthicans, Alice and Flynn are highly acclaimed, award winning hash makers from the Emerald Triangle. Learn more on the Wooksauce Winery Insta or this First Smoke of the Day Episode.

About Resin Tree Collective

A purveyor of intimate events and unforgettable experiences, Resin Tree Collective was created to highlight the full spectrum of intentional cannabis use. From food pairings to education, the Resin Tree Collective is an experience different from that of a lounge.

Terps and Sushi Full Flyer

wook sauce winery resin tree collective terps and sushi dinner flyer
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