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CA State Fair announces 2023 Cannabis Awards Winners

Now in its second year, the California State Fair Cannabis Awards have just announced the 2023 cohort of winners. The official awards show will take place on July 15th, 2023 at the California State Fair. See you there! Over 250 submissions from licensed cannabis companies across the state were examined by SC Labs in this testing only cannabis competition. The CA State Fair Cannabis Awards announced the winners on their website June 22nd, 2023:
“With over 250 submissions representing some of the finest cannabis and cultivators throughout California, we are proud to present the 2023 CA State Fair Cannabis Award Winners in Silver, Gold, and the Golden Bear trophies. Once again, the 2023 science-based competition evaluated flower only across three divisions: Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Light; and in eleven categories per division: three primary cannabinoids, six terpenes, one co-dominant terpene profile, and total terpene content. Each submission was tested by SC Labs to the highest standards, which generated a PhytoFacts® chemometric report that verified the results by division and category. Medals were awarded based on terpene or cannabinoid abundance in each of the eleven categories.  Golden Bear trophies (also known as “Best of California” trophies per CA State Fair tradition) were awarded to the top Gold Medalists from each Category, across the entire competition. These are our all-around winners.”
CEO of Cal Expo and California State Fair, Tom Martinez, said in a press release:
“This second annual CA State Fair Cannabis Competition has highlighted the meticulous dedication, skill, and creativity of the cannabis growers in our state. It’s clear from the high-caliber entries and passionate cultivators that cannabis cultivation is more than just farming – it’s an art form that requires science, patience, and unyielding devotion to the craft. We are thrilled to celebrate and honor these pioneers at our upcoming state fair, as we continue to highlight the economic and cultural contributions of this flourishing industry to California.”
SC Labs co-founder, Alec Dixon, also commented:
“Award-winning cannabis comes not only from masterful cultivation; but from the immaculate care, craft and skill in the drying, curing and preservation of the most fleeting indicators that the plant produces. When abundant and preserved, these terpenes and other trace volatile aromatics work together with cannabinoids to substantiate the overall flavor, aroma, and unique effects. Each award winner exemplifies these attributes.”
Congratulations to all of the winners. Here’s a list of Golden Bear winners this year.

2023 CA State Fair Cannabis Awards Golden Bear (Best of California) Winners

Division Farm Cultivar Award Category PhytoFacts Report Grown In
Indoor Mercy Grown John Lemmon THCa View Results Cotati
Outdoor Heartrock Mountain Farm Love and Laughter CBDa View Results Mendocino County
Indoor MOCA Humboldt Grape Cookies CBGa View Results Eureka
Indoor Mercy Grown Pie Scream Myrcene View Results Cotati
Indoor MOCA Humboldt Caffeine Limonene View Results Eureka
Outdoor Esensia Maracuya Terpinolene View Results Hopland
Outdoor Talking Trees Farms Rainbow Beltz Caryophyllene View Results Humboldt
Indoor High Grade Farms Grape Gushers Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL) View Results Sacramento
Outdoor Farmer & the Felon by Soma Rosa Farms Grape Ape Pinene View Results Lake County
Outdoor Greenshock Farms Passion Orange Guava Ocimene View Results Willits
Indoor Mercy Grown Pie Scream Total Terpene Content View Results Cotati
The rest of the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards results can be found on the official 2023 awards results page.
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