Inaugural New York Growers Cup 2022 SOLD OUT of tickets

The First edition of the New York Growers Cup has sold out of all publicly available tickets. The NYGC 2022 is set to be a full part-ay.

Brand: New York Growers Cup

First ever New York Growers Cup 2022 set to make waves

Word on the streets of NYC is that there’s a private event happening in the cannabis industry on December 3rd in the Tribeca. It used to be public, but then the tickets sold out. Writing in a post on Instagram, ALL CAPS announced the end of NYGC 2022 ticket sales:

“New York! We cannot thank you enough!

As of this afternoon, the New York Growers Cup awards show and reception is officially SOLD OUT!

To every grower who took a chance on us, every amazing person who dropped cash on a ticket, and every player helping to pay for this: Thank you, truly. We won’t forget it.

In a few weeks, we’ll all get together for the best goddamn sesh New York City has ever seen! Until then, we’re working on making sure we live up to that promise.”

For those wondering what you’ll be missing out on – there will be an awards show where awards will be crowned based on judging from NYGC’s and a reception with product from, and the 75 growers themselves present along with other movers and shakers in the space.

Catered food. Flower bar. Hash bar. Guess it’s a new bar for cannabis events in the area.

Shoutout to Robb Reefa (@robbreefa) and LetMeSeeWhatUSmokin (@letmeseewhatusmokin), two THC featured reviewers on the NYGC 2022 judge roster.

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