Concentrate Review: Dutch Hawaiian Rosin by Blue River Terps

Blue River Rosin – Dutch Hawaiian- Sativa
Thca: 87.8% Thc: 2.7% Cbg: 2.8% total: 93.7%

Lineage/Genetics: Dutch Treat x Hawaiian Sativa

Original Breeder: Top Shelf Seeds

Grower: Truflower

Processor: Blue River Terps

Dispensary: Trulieve

Blue River’s Dutch Hawaiian Rosin Review


dutch hawaiian rosin by blue river terps concentrate review by shanchyrlsCondition/symptoms: stress, depression, nausea

Recommended time of use: any time is good except for night time when you want to get some rest. This strain is a Sativa which means it’ll keep you up.

Head: Eventhough this strain is a Sativa, it doesn’t get me anxious, but it does give me a very nice uplifting feeling a little unavoidable small smirk.

Body: my body doesn’t feel relaxed, yet minor aches have become tolerable. I feel like I am at the right mental state and physical state to do anything today

Creativity/talkative: very talkative, and giggly, yet also very forgetful at the same time, but that was only when the effects were extremely noticable shortly after dabbing.

Hunger: I feel like being a wake and bake, my review on hunger about this strain won’t really benefit, yet I do not feel any more hungry than I did before I took my first dab this morning. .
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