Cultivar Review: Northern Lights by Got Gutz?

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Lineage – Afghani x Thai

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Got Gutz?

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Got Gutz? Northern Lights Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

One of the original descendants of the Afghani Landrace, the well known Northern Lights. I remember when I first started smoking, I used to hear about the great northern lights from Canada & upstate NY. @gutzgrows once again brought back to life a vintage flower with too much history and one of the parents of the church piff. The nugs came leafy well cultivated, mature amber pistils, ice berg lettuce color buds.

The palate is woody, earthy soil, spicy slightly skunk pine 🌲 after taste . It’s like smoking haze but with a lighter frankincense on the scent & flavor. The scent is herbal, landrace musk, pinene aroma. The effects are medium low cerebral & body high. This plant is a complete muscle relaxer and good to build appetite. It had me with the heavy munchies for lunch. The buzz starts around 6-7 pulls in, the high can last for about 1 hour.

It doesn’t have the lasting cerebral high, though the body high is felt during & after the sesh. The smoking experience was smooth on the inhale and 😮‍💨 on the raw organic 4/5 – elements paper – 3/5 a bit harsh on the inhale and 😮‍💨. The ashes burned 60/40 on the peppery side. Overall it gave me nostalgic vibes, its not the strongest but one of the best body highs. Shoutout to @gutzgrows for even trying to bring a classic like NL and cultivated in Nyc 🗽.

Northern Light – 3/5
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