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CBD Review: Berry Essence Strainz 300 Full Spectrum Tincture

Check out this product review of the Berry Essence Strainz CBD 300™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture. I was able to try this berry good flavor this past weekend and highly enjoyed it. Strainz is a company founded by the Hempels which is currently headquartered in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. They’ve been around since 2013 and only relatively recently augmented their well proportioned THC/CBD products with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products for the national market. Shop CBD products from Strainz!

Berry Essence Strainz CBD 300 Full Spectrum Tincture Review

The Hemp Extract that Strainz uses for their CBD products is full spectrum, what that means it is made from hemp plants and contains everything that was in that hemp flower, including legal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and of course cannabidiol (CBD). Having all of these cannabinoids, plus the dozens if not hundreds others that aren’t specifically tested for, together in one place gives rise to the fabled entourage effect – where cannabis really shines. Taste: The Berry Essence Strainz flavor is very good, in my opinion. Nowhere near as strong as a very berry smoothie from your favorite neighborhood wholesaler, but it is strong enough to bring about a familiar taste. I couldn’t pinpoint any one particular berry that this tasted like. It wasn’t all strawberry (which isn’t technically a berry) or all blueberry or something; however, it did taste and smell like those forest berry blends that you find in the market sometimes. The taste wasn’t overpowering and while it did linger after the oil was absorbed under my tongue then eventually swallowed, I enjoyed the lingering taste. Just like with their other flavors, Strainz does flavoring on this Berry Essence right. Feel: My dosage size was 1 full dropper, which was a tad bit more than 1.0mL which works out to a little more than 10mg CBD. It’s a standard recommended dose for beginners and sometimes I feel the need to double up but 10mg of Strainz Full Spectrum is more than enough for me. I took this Berry Essence after eating dinner almost as a sort of night cap and boy did I sleep well that night. Remember that tinctures don’t make you sleepy but they – at least in my experience – help you have deeper sleep. They relax your muscles and ease your mind so that falling asleep is easier. Sure that may sound like sleepiness but there’s a subtle difference and you’ll just have to try it to know exactly what I’m talking about. Summary: I’m always impressed that tinctures are getting so mainstream – it’s almost like a return back to the days of old apothecaries and traveling doctors when medicine was largely tinctures. It’s even cooler that these tinctures are available to ship to people’s doors. $34.95 is not a bad price for a 300mg CBD tincture and it’s available directly from the Strainz website, This Berry Essence flavored Strainz CBD is available in this 300mg or a 750mg. Strainz is great because for daily medical users, Strainz even has 1500mg, 7500mg, and 10000mg strengths available in their unflavored natural flavor. I’d suggest this bottle of Strainz Berry Essence for beginning CBD users that enjoy berry tastes and want a familiar flavor to accompany their CBD usage. Get Free Shipping with code STAYATHOME
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