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CBD Review: Mint Essence Strainz 300 Full Spectrum Tincture

Check out this product review of the Mint Essence Strainz CBD 300™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture. I was able to try this flavor out this past weekend and greatly enjoyed it. Strainz is a Nevada based company that has been around since 2013. They have long been well known for their Ratio tinctures which feature CBD and THC in well considered ratios for whatever the use case. Shop CBD products from Strainz!

Mint Essence Strainz CBD 300 Full Spectrum Tincture Review

Strainz is up front and lets users know that their full spectrum hemp extract probably does contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but also makes it known that these levels are guaranteed to be under the 0.3% limit allowed by federal law. Along with legal amounts of THC, the full spectrum hemp extract also includes cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN). Taste: This is the first time I’ve tried hemp seed oil as the base for a tincture and I really like it. Compared with the alternatives which are usually coconutt-y or have some other taste that causes overcompensation with the flavors, the taste of the tincture wasn’t oily and instead carried with it the perfect amount of taste. I was a little confused as to why the flavor was labeled Mint Essence as opposed to Mint or Spearmint or Peppermint or something else, as marketing usually pushes products to emphasize the taste; however, after trying it I understand why the flavor is just Mint Essence as opposed to Mint. The taste was – in a word – light. Not so light that I couldn’t taste it, but definitely light enough that it wouldn’t stay in my mouth for too long afterwards. I have horrible memories of cherry flavored fluoride or cough syrup that just stays on the tastebuds for way too long after application – these traumatic memories sometimes get brought up when I’m taking CBD tinctures because they’re too overpowering. Strainz does flavoring right and their Mint Essence is the perfect amount of mint taste for me palate. Feel: I took a whole dropper full as I’m used to stronger concentration tinctures – 1.0mL which is equivalent to 1/30th of the bottle and about 10mg of CBD and other cannabinoids.I took this dropper after hitting my bong as a way of augmenting the entourage effect. I felt very relaxed and able to type without anxiety/writer’s block – which is the primary reason I take CBD. Summary: At $34.95 retail price direct from Strainz website, it’s a fair price for 300mg of high quality full spectrum hemp oil. Add on the fact that the taste won’t put you off of using it, I’d definitely suggest giving this a try. For experienced CBD users, 300mg might be too small. Good thing that Strainz also offers this in 750mg. For those using CBD for daily medical applications, Strainz even has 1500mg, 7500mg, and 10000mg in their unflavored natural flavor. I’d suggest this bottle of Strainz Mint Essence for beginner CBD users and I highly recommend this Mint Essence flavor for anyone that likes mint enough that they’re comfortable brushing their teeth – I sure hope that’s everybody. Get Free Shipping with code STAYATHOME
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