Cultivar Review: Jelly by The Pheno Goblin

Jelly by @thephenogoblin

Lineage/Genetics: (dosidos x mendo breath)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: The Pheno Goblin

Terpene Profile: Unknown

The Pheno Goblin Jelly Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Reefa rating:
Smell- ✅

@thephenogoblin is someone who deff get me excited for the future of nys growers/cultivars! So the jelly from is one of those where your captivated by the nose soon as you break the seal! The bag appeal was crazy. Those trichs had a frosty greyish/ silver like beauty that can’t be ignored. The smoke experience could deff be improved, as the exhale was pretty harsh. The high is more of an upper. You not going to be lost in space off this but you deff going to be able get some things done with a relaxed, euphoric feel. This is a grower to keep your eyes on‼️💯

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