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Cultivar Review: Blue Lobster by Maine Trees

#bluelobster by @bigmainetrees

Lineage/Genetics – Apples & Bananas x Eye Candy( Gelatti x Wedding cake)

Bred by: Compound Genetics @compound

Cultivated in Maine by Maine Trees

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blue Lobster Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The Blue Lobster cultivated by @bigmainetrees is a unique and visually appealing strain recommended by @adhddead. It won several awards at the @zalympix East Coast 2023 competition, including Gassiest, Best Terps, and runner-up for Best Overall. @thatkat_inthehat provided a brief summary of this @compound bred flower. Blue Lobster is a hybrid of Apples & Banana (Gelatti x Blue Power) and Eye Candy (Wedding Cake x Gelatti), which were collaborations between Cookies and Compound. The cultivar has one of the most attractive appearances among Maine flowers, showcasing hues of plum colors, watermelon peel-like leaves, and orange pistils. The buds were fresh and sticky upon breaking them apart. In terms of taste, Blue Lobster offers an enriched fruity and berry candy tart aftertaste. The aroma is a combination of sweetness, fuel, floral notes, and hints of myrcene and caryophyllene. Smoking this strain provides a gassy inhale and a sweet exhale, resulting in an enjoyable experience. The high can last for approximately three hours or more. However, it’s important to note that the effects were intense for me, leading to a slight anxiety attack. This potent experience explains why Blue Lobster was a contender and a winner at the @zalympix East Coast competition. When it comes to the burn, the ash had a higher ratio of salt than pepper, potentially around 90/10. Overall, Blue Lobster is regarded as one of the best cultivars imo cultivated in Maine, thanks to its exceptional taste, appearance, palate, and aroma. The effects are described as stupendous, providing a euphoric feeling like no other. Special shoutout to @thatkat_inthehat and @highgradeconfirmed for introducing the cultivar , making it one of my top choices this year.. – 5/5.

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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup.
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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