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Cultivar Review: Sherbanger #22 by Epiphany NY

#sherbanger22 by @epiphany_ny

Lineage – Sunset Sherb x Headbanger

Bred by: Boston Roots Seed Co @bostonrootsseedco @bostonrootsseedco2.0

Phenohunt by: Norcals Gardens @norcalsgardens.707

Grower: Epiphany Ny

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sherbanger 22 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

The New York Growers Cup and Zalympix East Coast Champs, Epiphany NY, recently took a jab at the infamous Sherbanger 22. This particular strain of Sherbanger 22 is an authentic cut from NorCal’s Gardens, bred by Boston Roots Seed Co. Emmitt Smitt, also known as Sherbanger 22, is a cross between Sunset Sherb and Headbanger. The strain’s appeal showcases characteristics of both parent strains, with darker nugs resembling Sherb and lighter ones resembling Headbanger. Sherbanger 22 boasts a musky, sweet berry, earthy, floral, and diesel fuel ⛽️ flavor profile.

The aroma is also influenced by Sunset Sherbet, with hints of OG fuel on the backend. The effects of Sherbanger 22 result in a medium-level cerebral and body high. The buzz sets in about four to five pulls in, providing an immediate onset. The high can last approximately 2.5 hours or even longer. The smoking experience is memorable, with a smooth and gassy ⛽️ inhale and exhale 😮‍💨.

Upon smoking, the ash initially appeared slightly dirty but gradually became cleaner as the session progressed, with a 70/30 ratio of more salt than pepper in the ash report. Despite the initial dirtiness, overall, Sherbanger 22 is still regarded as a great representation of this phenomenal strain. The high, appeal, nose, and palate were all on point. Shoutout to Higher Empire for showcasing great talents like Epiphany NY and their exclusive drop of Sherbanger 22. Additionally, a shoutout is given to Epiphany NY for their consistent delivery of quality products. Sherbanger 22 – 4.5/ 5
Letmeseewhatusmokin Ratings

5- perfect smoke, appeal, effects, nose & palate
4.9- 4.5 —- close to perfect but not quite/
4.5-4- good but not close to perfect
4-3.5 — reasonable for ticket – room for improvement
3.5 – 3 – still reasonable, might be attracted by two – three things on the cultivar ..
3- 2.5 – needs work work work – (Rihanna voice)
2.5 – 2 – 1 — needs to be revamped or probably should be cut off

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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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