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Preroll Review: Pluto Hit Sluggers by Gashouse x Natura

#Pluto by @sluggerssquad x @khunjosh80 x @natura_official_california @gashouseco Lineage: GDP x Pluto Kush or Gelato 33 x TK91bx1 ?? Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @seedjunky_jbeezy Brands: Hit SluggerGasHouse x Natura Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pluto Hit Sluggers Review

I recently had the opportunity to try #Pluto by @sluggerssquad, and I must say, they are making waves with their signature baseball card style case and concept prerolls. The case itself comes with a mini card featuring stats of the cultivar, along with 5 pre rolls. These prerolls are packed with solventless hash, liquid diamonds, and kief, creating a potent experience. Having previously reviewed the Runtz version, I was excited to try the Pluto strain from @gashouse_ussr. The taste profile is a delightful mix of earthiness, gas, floral notes, with a hint of mint and creaminess on the palate. It’s a well-rounded combination that provides an enjoyable smoking experience. In terms of effects, #Pluto delivers a medium-low cerebral high. The buzz kicks in after about 5-6 pulls, providing an immediate onset. The high tends to last for around 2 hours, and each joint likely contains approximately 0.5-0.6 grams of flower. The smoke itself is characterized by a gassy and creamy inhale and exhale, leaving a satisfying impression. Overall, this strain is perfect for a wake and bake session or when you’re looking for a quick and convenient option. The presentation and concept of the baseball card collectors edition are impressive, adding a unique touch to the product. In conclusion, I highly recommend giving @sluggerssquad Pluto a try. It’s a well-crafted strain with a delightful flavor profile and a satisfying high. Shoutout to @im_with_rj and @globalconnectour for the opportunity to experience this strain. 4/5 This review provides information and education about cannabis without promoting or selling it or any related products. It is based on my personal experiences, opinions, and observations, and should not be seen as a recommendation or endorsement for using or buying cannabis or cannabis-related items. Letmeseewhatusmokin Ratings 5- perfect smoke, appeal, effects, nose & palate 4.9- 4.5 —- close to perfect but not quite/ 4.5-4- good but not close to perfect 4-3.5 — reasonable for ticket – room for improvement 3.5 – 3 – still reasonable, might be attracted by two – three things on the cultivar .. 3- 2.5 – needs work work work – (Rihanna voice) 2.5 – 2 – 1 — needs to be revamped or probably should be cut off
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup.
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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