Strain Review: LA Kush Cake by Top Leaf

🎬 LA Kush Cake by Top Leaf

Lineage/Genetics: Kush Mints x Wedding Cake

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Top Leaf

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Top Leaf LA Kush Cake Review

Hard hitting, couch locking, beautifully grown classic kush but with a more refined pallette is pretty much the summary for this one. A must try and probably a regrab for all kush heads.

Opening the jar was a treat. A 2g nug and the rest divided in two, without a trace of shake 🥳. There is a nice layer of quality frosting. If you look at the micro pics a fair number of those trichome heads actually have new trichomes forming inside them, a sign that this was left to mature properly and is extremely potent (though we already knew that bit).

The smell.. oo that smell. Sandalwood, worn leather, the spice of a cigar, and dried oregano fresh out the mortar. All of this made deeper and creamier by a buttermilk under note which carries through on the inhale and aftertaste. Eddy Lepp got an ice cream truck in heaven and is doing half and half swirls of vanilla and kush 🍨

The high on this one is a knockout in every sense of the word. Almost before you exhale a weight is dropped through you. A heavy pressure on the temples and an inescapable couch lock, as the weight of the day falls away. Any tensions seem trivial as your feet stop aching and your back unwinds. Continue smoking and even paying attention to your own thoughts gets difficult and tiresome. Make sure to have a campfire or busy street nearby, just something to watch and space out. In a couple of hours all the caryophylene crashes down and goodnight. Considering it’s impressive 26.5% THC, and the strength of the overall high it translates to, it is not as sedating as strains like Death Bubba or Comatose, and may even result in the classic stoned feel so many seek 🤤, but for me it is a showstopper 😪.

Overall Top Leaf’s LA Kush Cake is some stunning bud. The smell and taste of this strain are delicious and sure to please any kush connoisseur. I cannot wait for the 28g bags that have been announced. If the quality stays consistent Broken Coast will have some competition for the best ounce in the province! 🪔⛽🧐❤️‍🔥💤

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